Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Immanent

The Immanent I

The sound of wind in the trees
It sings of Powers

But not the powers of gods and demons
Not the powers of ghosts and soothsayers
No, No, No...

The sound of wind in the trees
Sings of many powers
But what kind of powers does it sing of?
What powers are revealed?

Just perhaps
These powers are

The sound of wind in the trees

Just that
The power of what it is
The sound of wind in the trees
Nothing more nothing less

And why transcend such a moment?
Why step away from
Remove ourselves
From the crescendos of this fleeting event
From an unrepeatable chorus of ten thousand leaves?

We stand beside such disruptive forces
Hot in the desert
Carrying hurricane and thunderhead
But here, none of that
Just wind in the trees

Every imagined and
Every created power
Becomes nought
In this instant
When the heavens brush
Against a living earth

The Immanent II

The earth never begs for our ear
It cares less whether we bother to hear

But even so there is music

Exquisite rhythms
Harmonies and dissonances
Lyrical exchanges

But only within
A living exchange
A chance meeting

The song appears only when there is an opening
A breach
An infringement
A possibility

An opening of arms
Of eyes, heart, hands
Of lungs, lips, ears

An opening toward
The turnings of this earth
The endless engagements
Of the Alive

No ghosts no gods
Fend off all that is transcendent
Only such movements as the earth
As Life
Tosses before us
Mindlessly sends our way

The only true spell
This living instant

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