Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Princes Are Dying (and one Queen)

In memory of just a few who gave so much to the field of Family Therapy...

by Lynn Hoffman

I could not bear to hear of Gianfranco’s death,
While trying to help some roadside travelers,

Or the death of his good friend, young Guido Boscolo.

I could not bear to hear of the death of Tom Andersen
Our beloved patron from the Arctic snows.

And I could not bear to hear of the death of Michael White,
Another angel here in human guise.

Harry Goolishian, Steve de Shazer, Insoo Berg, had warned us, going first

And there are some in the wings, waiting, that I have heard about,

Too many, too soon, too dear,
A mid-life massacre,

But living on in our immense regret.
I pay my grave respects to all of these,

And am reminded of John Webster’s “Dutchess of Malfi,”
In amending the deathless phrase that closed the play:

Cover their faces
Mine eyes dazzle,

They died young.

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