Friday, May 30, 2008

Thinking Life

We have been searching for images, metaphors, narratives, the poetic -- and any other pieces of thought or action -- which can approach that sense of the living-of-life, and which can further draw us into the midst of those places where the Alive occurs.

We are also aware that much thought does not emerge from and does not return to those places where life lives and moves.

Instead certain orders, structures are applied to life. Hierarchies are imposed as if they are superior to the actual living-of-life, and, as if removed from the influences of living moments.

Strong and fixed vantage points are thereby created, far removed from the influences of lower or more natural powers. From such positions people and nature are considered more able to be organized and acted upon.

Through image, thought, through word and action we search for ways and means to bring honour to the living of life, the lived life, the Alive. We see this honouring emerging amidst diversities and abundances, through the myriad of possibilities wherein creation and life can meet.

We also see this honouring amidst our rhizome interaction with individuals, families and communities.

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