Thursday, February 28, 2008

On Lines and Points

A short posting -- just a few thoughts...

A line is just a point in motion (a favourite thought of Deleuze).

Perhaps we should cease to worry about making a point -- and try drawing lines instead!

What might these points-in-motion look like anyway?

Experiments in some sort of truth which insists upon travelling. A frog truth -- hopping from pad to pad...

A note cannot make music -- a line of notes has that potential!

A line of notes makes music most exquisite and most disturbing when engaging in play with other lines of notes. Lines enwrapped and raptured. Harmonies and dissonances.

Lines of flight -- Yes, the falconer knows.

Lines of wing and piercing lines of a raptor's cry (just other lines of music) -- mingling, crossing, joining, sparring, loving, hunting. Lines moving in free hand, or rather with free wings, composing arial curves and inverted parabolas.

Lines of relation. The falcon returns; stepping upon a leather glove. She is not tame... she just lives with us.

Simple lines, repeated for eternity. . . .........................................

Make no point of it...

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